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This class meets once a week. Each week we will focus on a different element of the acting process from script analysis to shooting the final product. All assignments are projects that are recently or currently casting so that you are focusing on the industry TODAY.

Week One: Auditions and Text Analysis  –  You have the script, now WHAT DO YOU DO? Without a deep understanding of text analysis, you are ignoring the careful cues provided to us by brilliant (and very well paid) writers. This week we focus on how to use this knowledge to craft our performance.

Week Two: Connecting, or the Art of Being a Human  –  Traditional acting training HAS IT’S PLACE in Hollywood. The search for “Truth” is just as valid in LA as it was for Stanislavski and Meisner and all those who came after. This week, we connect to the material, we find the character in ourselves, gain access to our emotional core, and do it FAST.

 Week Three: The Camera is my Friend  –  So few actors love this insanely valuable tool. Many shy away from it because they don’t understand how it works and how it can make us look brilliant. This week we tape, we work, we watch, WE LEARN TO LOVE!

Week Four: One on Ones  –  The fourth week is a one on one guided half hour meeting with your teacher to GET DEEP INTO YOUR NEEDS. This is your time to talk about an agent meeting, go over an audition, or conquer that Shakespeare monologue! This class is all about taking a direct approach to making you a stronger, more confident actor.


In traditional classes we study movement, voice, our relationship to space. As Film and Television actors, we need to learn to use these skills in conjunction with our most valuable tool, the Camera.

This class meets once a week for the first three weeks. Throughout the month, we work on, audition technique, general camera technique, and full scene work, ENTIRELY ON CAMERA! You will watch your first take in class and perform the scenes a second time. You will have access to your second take after the class to review your improvement.

Our fourth week, as in our All Inclusive classes, is a 30 minute guided meeting with your teacher. This is your time to get deep into your needs, ask the burning questions, and get what you need to make you a stronger, more confident performer.

We tape, we work, we watch!



Following the same structure as our signature class, The All Inclusive (see above), this class delves into the way we work and the vocabulary we use here at Actors House.

This class makes sure we are all on the same page, speaking the same language, and reminds us to be passionate about our art AND diligent about the business of acting. We pride ourselves on helping the actor craft the approach that works best for them, using everything from elements of Stanislavsky to delving into the fundamentals of text analysis and the building blocks of comedy.

We will also focus on the business of the business and give you a crash course to set you up for success.

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PR 101 for Actors: “With Great Strategy Comes Great Success”

Crafting your professional image is key to your success as an actor. At the highest level, A-List creatives hire PR teams to show themselves to their adoring public in their best light. Until YOU are that A-Lister, why not learn to put your best PR foot forward on your own!

Taught by an entertainment PR professional with 10 years of experience, this one month workshop is designed to give you an understanding of the importance of CORRECTLY doing your own PR, and get you started on the right foot with your public persona. Designed as the introductory class for our available ongoing series, month one is a deep look into personalizing your tone and understanding all of the platforms available to you as your own publicist.

The Month One course will include a one-time 1 hour conference call on the first Monday of the month at 8:00 PM. This will include a 45-minute talk and a 15-minute Q&A.  The following weeks will include assignments designed to help you build your personal materials for different social media platforms with detailed personalized feedback from the instructor, tailoring your image.  The last week will include a 30-minute one-on-one phone call with the instructor to further discuss your image and your progress.

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Make-Up Policy

Details of our class make-up policy!

  • If you miss a class for an ACTING or ILLNESS related reason, you have two weeks to make up in any of our other classes unless you have made previous arrangements with us.
  • To attend a make-up class, you must currently be enrolled in class.

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